Paramount Liquor

Becoming a digital pioneer


"As one of the first businesses in our space to start operating digitally, we needed a partner who would provide us with not only good strategic advice but who could also successfully action tasks. With pitch, we truly found this and more. They have helped us make our mark in the online space and even helped some of our customers in the process. "

- Nathan Rowe, Paramount Liquor

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The Problem

In a highly competitive industry powered by traditional marketing techniques, liquor wholesaler Paramount Liquor wanted to stand above the competition and become a leader in digital. Its first step was to create a new website for 10,000+ products and to move all its ordering to digital, something nobody in the industry had achieved before. During this transition, Paramount Liquor needed to retain its current clients, while attracting new ones.

The Pitch

Through multiple discovery workshops, we obtained strong USPs to distinguish Paramount Liquor from being ‘box movers’, and positioned them as industry-leading pioneers in service, trends and tech. With an education-focused marketing effort across all elements of digital, with a long-term full-funnel strategy, we have been able to shift consumer mindset and improve brand perception, while driving a new digital-first approach for the wholesale liquor industry.

The Performance

372% increase in organic traffic. 121% increase in online revenue. 1,049% increase in social media impressions